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AT103 March Buy Combo

Beli mana -mana blouse code AT103, AT104, AT107, AT109, AT1011 – anda dapat menikmati harga RM19 untuk 2nd item 5 code diatas (COMBO BUY 2 – RM78). Jimat RM40. Valid promo 31 March 2020. CONTOH : ? ID 212xxx : βœ… AT103 NavyBlue 50 RM59 AT104 EmeraldGreen 36 RM 19 ? ID 212xxx : βœ… […]

Avoid Scammer

Avoid Scammer

Avoid Scammer!! Elakkan Scammer! ?Berhati-hati dengan Scammer. ?Berhati-hati dengan barang pre-order. ?Harga tetap untuk semua item. Jangan mudah terperdaya dengan harga yang lebih rendah. ?Beli dengan agent berdaftar dan sah. ?Setiap pembelian akan diberikan order ID. ELAK SEBELUM TERKENA!!

Delivery Charges 2020

Delivery Charges effective 1st Jan 2020

Delivery Charges 2020 (Malaysia) All delivery rate is using average standard delivery charges based on weight. Standard courier service provider “Based on Weight”. Please refer on tracking number for courier service reference. Parcel weight will be +/- 0.5kg depend on packing. Postage is calculated based on maximum weight. Difference colors, sizes, fabrics, material and other […]

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